lauantai 3. kesäkuuta 2017

Summer Favs

watermelon pizzas and jam toasts :P

5. years together! :)

 Ahventa ja minikesäpottuja :)

Okay here`s some sale findings from Gina Tricot and Cubus: basic shorts in basic colors

 suit tops fits better, basic leggings, fun earrings and wool skirt for cold summer evenings...

 BikBok: bikinis - of course :D, full lenght, skinny fit and high waisted black trousers, loose t-shirt with a twist

 palm top, nice basic top and shoes with a tiny ``heel``. Better for walking than converses, believe it or not!

love this top and jeans combo!

ruffle tee and 2-1 trousers (just twist around!)

 High waisted Crocker jeans (after all these years of testing different ones, finally found:
 perfect cut, color and fit

 Can`t even handle that now my phone is workable!! <3 Thank you, thank you thank you!

 It just needed high protect glass in front and also cover on backside.

Bag is so much easier and better for shoulders! Comfortable after all ;)
 Reissumies keeps you going ;D

Let`s keep on dreaming about sunny summer days.. It has been quite cold days now, but only way is up :)

This time in english haha :) See you soon!

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  1. Onnea 5 vuotis yhteiselosta
    meillä tulee pian 22v

    1. Haha kiitos Emskuli <3 Onnea ja iloa myös teille yhteisiin vuosiin! Niin se aika humahtaa :)